Special STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) camps are held during PA Days, March Break, Summer Holiday, and Christmas Break. Through projects, experiments, and various hands-on activities, our camps offer an opportunity for children age 15 months to 6 years old to explore areas of study in addition to their Montessori/day school education. Our curriculum is designed to engage and inspire children towards the area of STEAM. Children who are engaged in STEAM education often take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. Field trips and guest visits are organized weekly as part of IMS STEAM camp program to link STEAM education with real life applications.

Program Highlights


Science does not need to be taught through a textbook. Our STEAM program uses fun, creative experiments that are engaging and inspiring to spark children’s interest in science. Children are introduced to the 5 steps of science investigation: question, hypothesis, experiment,  observation, and conclusion. Some science activities children do in our camps include:

– Water cycle in a bag

– Making the worms dance

– Fizzing rainbow



Technology is all around us and is rapidly progressing each day. The technology component of our STEAM camps will equip children for the future and the types of skills they will need in their everyday lives. Some technology activities children do in our camps include:

– DIY projector

– Coding/robotics

– Graphing with dinosaurs



Children are natural builders, inventors, and creators. Through innovative projects, children learn to work as a team, take risks, accept failures, and celebrate successes. Here are some engineering activities children do in our camps:

– building a shelter for LEGO characters

– Make flowers bloom

– Design hot wheel tracks with recycled materials



A creative mindset is critical for STEM subjects. That is why the arts was added to STEM to become STEAM. Children engage in painting, pretend play, music, and drawing. Art is sensory exploration. Drawing and play-acting allow them to express what they know and feel, even before they can read or write. Music is also linked to STEAM skills such as pattern recognition and numeration. Research shows that early experience with creative arts supports cognitive development and increases self-esteem.


It is important to equip children with the proper tools, interest, and knowledge in math as they will use math in their everyday lives. Besides our usual Montessori math program, children in our STEAM camps will explore mathematics through a variety of fun-filled and innovative activities, including:

– Creating 2D and 3D shapes

– Magnetic counting strips

– Bank games


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