Organic, Anti-biotics Free Menu

With a fully licensed, commercial-grade kitchen, our school chef prepares, on a daily basis, a variety of “made-from-scratch” foods made from locally-sourced, organic, and anti-biotic free ingredients. In addition, our menu is low in sodium and sugar, includes selections from each of Canada’s Food Groups, and is dietitian approved. We are attentive to our children with individual needs (i.e. allergies, ethnic values, age), and we are happy to modify our menu to cater to these needs as requested.

Our Menu

Always Organic:

Meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef), we may substitute with hormone free and natural meat if organic meat isn’t available

Fruits and Vegetables on the Dirty Dozen List: these fruits and veggies normally will have their skin consumed so there’s a high risk of consuming the pesticides and other chemicals even after a thorough wash

Milk: we will always provide organic milk (2%)

Sometimes Organic:

Fruits and Vegetables not on the Dirty List: any fruits and vegetables that won’t have the skin consumed (ie. Watermelon, Oranges, Avocados) are hard to find organic options and there’s a low risk of pesticides and chemical contamination. The limited organic options also do not taste as good (ie. Organic oranges are extremely sour) so going with the non-organic option will ensure children will enjoy and eat more of these nutritious food with little risk of pesticides and chemical contamination.

Snacks and Cereal: There’s usually very little organic options and the ones that are organic are usually not preferred by children. We want to make sure our students enjoy eating breakfast and snacks at school so we will go with the low sugar, low sodium and high nutrient snacks and cereal option.


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